Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a warranty?

Yes, a standard manufacturers warranty covers any defects to the watch. The watch consist of the following: the outter steel casing and lugs used to hold the straps, the sapphire crystal on the front and back, the mechanism inside the watch, the crown that sets the date and time, and any screws that are used in securing any pieces together are the only things covered by the manufacturers warranty. Straps and/or the leather travel case that the watch comes to you in are not covered under the manufacturers warranty. Also, natural wear and tear will not be covered under the manfacturers warranty.

Where does Sakab Watches ship to?

Sakab Watches ships worldwide, and the applicable shipping rate to your delivery destination will be applied during the checkout processs.

What if my watch has a defect?

If your watch arrives with a defect (i.e a cracked sapphire crystal, broken crown, screws missing etc.), contact us by email at

What can/can't I do in water with my Sakab Watch?

YOU CAN: 1. Splash 2. Shower 3. Pool Related Sports 4. Swim 5. Snorkel 6. Dive in Water 7. Get Caught In Rain/Snow You CAN'T: 1. Scuba Dive 2. High Speed / Velocity Water Sports