The Defender Collection

Defending what means the most to you is something that is ingrained into our human and cultural fiber.  Service in the military, as well as a healthy respect for all people that defend our country, communities, neighborhoods and families is our inspiration.  So with that inspiration, a watch collection that will serve as an extension of those people and have a greater meaning than just telling time has become our passion.  Growing up in The Bronx, I was always taught to protect and defend my siblings and myself.  As you grow, that defender mentality is already a part of who you are.  When the military called, both my brother and I answered and vowed to serve and defend our country.  So when  you receive that call, whether it's the Military, a Firefighter, Policeman, Parent, EMS, or Homeland Security just to name a few, you  answer that call.  To honor and pay tribute to those who defend, we proudly present to you the Defender Collection (Vessel, Submarine, Ladder, Boundary).  This story  does not end here, follow us in this journey as we continue to honor Defenders of all types.  We appreciate any and all support that will help us make this Collection and Brand a success.

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